Bonding over clay and pots

Malini Kalyanam uses pottery to strengthen relationships. VIPASHA SINHA reports.

Pottery is not just a hobby for Malini Kalyanam, but a stress-busting activity. When she was head of HR in a multinational firm, she turned to pottery for relaxation and rejuvenation. And from 2004, she has been sharing the healing qualities of pottery-making with others through her Artistic Pottery Training Academy.

The academy organises workshops that help participants ‘bond through pottery’. “Pottery can help develop bonds. Life having become fast-paced, most families are unable to enjoy a meal together.

This workshop helps two people – a parent and a child, a brother and a sister, two friends or even couples – connect with each other.

We give every two-member team a pottery theme. As they work with clay and bring the theme to life, each reveals his weaknesses and strengths to the other person. And the two automatically try balance each other to complete the task in three hours’ time,” says Malini.

Other pottery-related initiatives by Malini include organising a certificate programme for housewives and finding employment opportunities for professional potters.

Says Malini, “Most potters abandon their profession due to meagre incomes from it. I take them to carnivals and other events where they make pots for a huge number of people.”

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