Prasads isn't just another mall in the city, it is an addictive habitat. People who have been to its movie theatres don't just rate it as some multiplex; they call it “The Prasad Experience”. It revolutionized the movie viewing experience for the nawabi city and marked a new epoch in the evolution of Indian cinema.

Prasads has opened its doors in 2002 and has been wooing its patrons since then. Prasads has some of the best restaurants in the city like Ohris, Mc Donald's and Barista that serve scrumptious food to appease every palate and while you are there soak in some retail therapy with the plush retail stores that house fashion brands like Lee, Pepe Jeans and Basics.

The newest addition to the club is the 4D FX, a first of its kind virtual reality show in South India. This takes the whole movie going affair a notch higher. The ginormous cinema screens need no introduction.

The IMAX 3D screen is the largest in the world. It also holds the distinction of being India's first “green theatre”. Its other attractions like the Fun factory, Scary house and House of mirrors keep the fun pulse going. The standards are perfectly in sync with their leitmotif “Entertainment Complete”. Touché!