Dimension Co. in association with Google Developers Group (Chennai) and Twenty19 organised the Android fest ‘ANDRO MINDS 2013’ in Chennai, with a slew of amazing activities such as workshops, code-fest and job-fair that anyone passionate about mobile technology can expect.

It is a 3-month-long mega festival with an objective to create a mobile development phenomena in Chennai.

It aims to bring together 1,000 students from various colleges on to a single platform in order to meet the demands of several companies.

This fest comprises hands-on learning workshops, internship opportunities to participants, prizes to win at the code-fest and job offers to grab during the grand finale.

The nextworkshopwill be on February 9, followed by a 2-week-longcode-festthat starts on March 16. Agrand finalewill be organised on April 7 with a job-fair by several companies in the space of mobile development. It will also comprise apps-showcase.

The participants are offered 75% scholarship on the registration fee. To participate, one can register on www.androminds.com or call 8122057775 / 044-64550681. All participants get certificates for their effort and enthusiasm at the fest.

Mr. Seshu Karthick, founder & CEO of Dimensions Co., said, “AndroMinds 2013 aims to create an eco-system and encourage technology enthusiasts to explore opportunity in Mobile Media. There is a great amount of untapped potential among Java programmers in Chennai. They are just a month away to become fabulous Android Application developers.”

The Code Fest

At the Code Fest, all participants will be grouped in teams of three on March 16, 2013.

Each team will build a prototype of their unique idea within a period of 2-weeks. The selected prototypes will be showcased at the Grand Finale and on the website.

A public poll will decide the winner of the Code-fest, and the team will walk away with an Android Tablet sponsored by Open Novus.

The Grand Finale on April 7 will comprise a job-fair, networking lunch and App-showcase. After the end of the fest, the Andro Minds 2013 team shall establish a Center-of-excellence for Google technologies in several colleges in Chennai.

The finale on April 7 will comprise a job-fair, networking lunch and App-showcase