Humpty Dumpty servesan array of egg-based dishes.VIPASHA SINHAgets a taste of it

I increasingly encounter people who call themselves ‘eggatarians.’ They are vegetarians who stay off meat but consume eggs by the dozens. Tapping into this growing interest in eggs is 32-year-old Aashish Kumar Jalan, who has opened a four-kiosk establishment called Humpty Dumpty which offers a variety of egg-based dishes.

An ardent egg-lover, he could not look beyond this idea for a food business. “Egg is healthy and tasty and these days many vegetarians have started eating it. I discussed the idea with a friend and he was impressed. It started with a project in Bengaluru which my friend was looking after. However, we had shut it down. A year later, in 2011, I opened our first kiosk in T. Nagar on Venkat Narayana Road,” says Aashish, who started making profits from day one. The response prompted him to open three more kiosks in Nungambakkam, TTK Road and IT Park in Siruseri.

The menu is designed by Aashish himself.

Letting egg be central to the dishes, he uses simple ingredients to make it tastier. From the regular bread omelette, boiled eggs and egg sandwich, they also serve some unique dishes such as Burji Roll, Egg Bread Upma and Egg Onion Masala Roll.

“We try introducing something every four to five months. After researching techniques and styles, I first experiment in my kitchen and ask my friends and family to taste and review it. I ask them to be brutally honest. I make the required changes and bring the dish for sampling at our kiosks where we invite feedback from our customers. The dish is introduced in the menu only after it has been perfected,” says Aashish, as he serves pickled egg that he had just brought to his T. Nagar kiosk for sampling. They also serve vegetarian dishes.

Hygiene is a priority for him. “We use branded dairy products and good quality breads. All the preparation happens at the main kitchen in Alandur, where I make sure the sauces and the chutneys are made in a clean environment. They are then brought to the kiosk and the dishes are made on the spot.”

He plans to open more kiosks in the city and a restaurant that specialises in eggs dishes.