The need for learning Spoken Hindi and English has been growing among the public irrespective of their age. Both these subjects being heavy and dry, the onus is on the teacher to make learning interesting. S. Jawaharlal Nehru, a resident of Thiruvanmiyur, is one such ‘teacher’ who has been focussing on teaching Spoken English and Hindi in an easy way so that students learn the languages without much hassle.

A retired BSNL employee, Mr. Nehru has published books and made digital video discs on basic grammar of English and Hindi. He has been conducting grammar classes in more than 150 schools in and around the city and in several tutorials and institutes. Talking about his experience of teaching English grammar in schools, he says that he makes the subject easy and enjoyable. A teetotaller and a social activist, Mr. Nehru is known for reuniting children who have fled their houses owing to family circumstances or other reasons from different villages in Tamil Nadu, with their parents and guardians. He says: “Though at present, the number of children running away from their houses has come down, more than 5,000 boys have been restored to their parents so far.”

Mr. Nehru can be contacted at 94442 32824.