The wide Shah Ali Banda main road has become quite accident prone; the missing road divider taking the blame for it.

Careless turns and rash driving have become the order of the day on the road that witnesses heavy traffic flow all through the day and night owing to its connectivity with Rajiv Gandhi International Airport and the ever expanding southern part of the city.

Motorists using the road are at the receiving end with traffic from either side straying into the wrong lanes creating problems for those law-abiding road users travelling on the right lanes. “The very name of traffic discipline is missing, we have to be extra cautious while driving in the designated space. The motorists overtake vehicles after straying half way into the traffic paths of others,” says Girish, a lecturer from the Lal Darwaza area. “In the absence of the road divider, the stretch has virtually turned into a death trap with motorists freely using paths meant for traffic from the other way,” says Abdul Shahed, a businessman from the Phoolbagh area.

Identifying and placing temporary barricades to act as road dividers will be of immense help and a temporary solution to the problem, say the road users.