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A back-breaking ride for motorists

Asif Yar Khan
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Craters galore:Road users have a tough time at the road in Hassannagar.
Craters galore:Road users have a tough time at the road in Hassannagar.

The road that connects Hassannagar with the inner ring road at Rajendranagar awaits repairs. Motorists plying through this muddy path have a back-breaking ride. It remains to be in a same state for the past many years, in spite of the fact that local people have brought the issue to the notice of the concerned authorities through different mediums.

The road connects the locality with the inner ring road and works out as a short cut for the local people. Using it is in its present form is more like a curse for the people as it tests the patience and skills of the road users.

“People opt for it to save time and some petrol. Most of those who brave these adverse road conditions are the locals from the slum areas of Hassannagar,” says Mohd Nooruddin, a small time realtor. Huge craters and potholes regularly form on the muddy path. During monsoons these remain filled up with water for days leading to a lot of inconvenience to the road users. “The road turns slushy in the rainy season, we have to skilfully negotiate through the road as the tyres of vehicles get struck in the thick slush that forms at places,” says Syed Razaq, a petty businessman from NTR Nagar, a locality situated on one end of the road.

Senior citizens find it difficult to commute through the road in the rainy season hence go in for a longer detour. “We don't take the risk of using this road. If we fall down it will take days for us to recover. We don't mind spending time and petrol on a safer route,” says Abdul Wahab, a retired policeman.

Asif Yar Khan




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