REI Electronics, started in the year 2002, is an electronic manufacturing solutions (EMS) company. They offer manufacturing solutions to major domestic and global electronic majors. They are known for bringing electronics equipments to the market faster and more cost effectively by providing complete electronic product supply chain management around the world. 

REI has both technology and infrastructure capabilities to execute these orders within the time frame and has developed support network to meet all other logistical requirements in executing these orders.  

With the debate on global warming gaining momentum, city-based REI Electronics have advocated the replacement of bulbs wid LED lights to reduce the cost of lighting, power bills and check carbon emission.REI director Neela Ramaswamy has presented the expression of interest, claiming that the LED lighting can save 40 per cent of power consumption and the life expectancy of LED lights is more than CFL bulbs.She said that the life of LED lights is 50,000 hours as against 10,000 hours of the CFL. LED light does not contain mercury, switches on instantly, and its lifetime is unaffected by the repeated switching on and off routine. Neela Ramaswamy said that the authorities are paying 15 lakh annually as electricity bill for 15 incandescent bulbs which are switched on for about 130 hours on Sundays, Dasara festivities and national holidays.Claiming that the LED light will not pose threat to the beauty of illuminated Mysore Palace, she said that the beauty remains the same as they have colour temperature that gives warm white (golden colour).

She said that more than 10 per cent of the bulbs are replaced once in every four months.She said that the use of LED bulbs will reduce two carbon credit points of emission and disclosed that the Palace Board would need 5 crore to replace bulbs with LED lights. LED lights do not need maintenance for 15 years and the investment would be returned within four years, by saving power consumption. For house hold consumption LED bulbs covers for four years and two years for commercial purpose. Recently on November 15 they launched the lighting products in Bangalore and 21st of November in Mysore.Neela said that they have tried LED bulbs to all the corporates and wanted to try it on heritage building with two walt LED light saving 2.3 mw per hour. She observed that by changing 1000 High Pressure Sodium Vapour Lamps to LED lights, 9,855 mw of power worth 591 lakhs could be saved, which could prove economical during these days of severe power shortage.  REI's quality policy is to enhance customer satisfaction achieved through complying with requirements that are relevant to the products and services offered. The company is committed to provide innovative solutions and services to match the expectations of the customers, both internal and external, based on continuous improvement.