Nowadays the farmers in Mandya district are more receptive to using modern equipment for their activities. They include power tillers, rotavators, rotary tillers, spading machines, ridgers, ditchers, levellers, seed drillers, drum seeders, cono weeders, DRR Frames, paddy combine harvesters, paddy transplanters, sprayers, pumps, harvesters, thrashers, weeders, and edge trimmers.

Various kinds of equipment are available in the market for all purposes starting from raising nurseries to threshing grains from the ears of various crops.

The machines can sow, transplant, harvest and thresh paddy and other crops fast. The mechanisation process would help in bringing more land under cultivation, said M.P. Rajanna, Breeder, Paddy Division at the VC Farm.

The machines would minimise the labour requirement in the farming sector and enable the farmers to carry out cultivation, harvest and post-harvest activities in lesser time than the norm, he explained.


Mechanisation has not only made farming less cumbersome, but also improved the productivity in the agricultural sector, said Prasanna Kumar, Plant Pathologist (Rice Section), VC Farm.

Manufacturers and suppliers of agricultural equipment have established their branch offices in Mandya and other six taluks in a good number in the last one year. According to a tractor dealer off the Bangalore-Mysore Highway in Mandya, ‘at least 50,000 farmers have purchased various farming equipment in the last one year.’ The farmers are adopting latest technologies and getting higher productivity and profitability.

Both Central and State Governments are offering subsidies for purchasing such equipment. Farmers belonging to the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe can get maximum subsidy of 50 per cent for several products, a dealer said.

Also, various scheduled banks have been lending financial assistance to the farmers to buy agricultural equipment. Even private and multinational company banks are keen on sanctioning loans to farmers.