I am awestruck by the creative excellence of Kamal Haasan. He might have many fans but I am like a devotee. That does not mean I am biased towards anything that this genius does. The film raises a pertinent question: Why hasn’t the land of the Mahatma who preached and practised Satyagraha and Ahimsa, abolished Capital Punishment and death by hanging? This is amazingly camouflaged in a nativity-based script that also has the regular elements of a commercial film with a unique narrative style that describes the sequence of events from two different perspectives. Even if it’s inspired by Rashomon, the script/story/plot/backdrop is all so unique. To be inspired and to adapt that to our cultural sensibilities is an art in itself.

Why I hate... Mumbai Express

I did not like Mumbai Express.We have laughed our lungs out watching his other comic avatars and in that context, Mumbai Express seems like the odd film out. I went in to watch the film with huge expectations but was disappointed. I could barely laugh during the film. I felt that the script was too loose. The correlation between the train and his character being called Mumbai Express did not really appeal to me. The script randomly moved from a longish kidnapping to a love angle that most in the audience could not connect to. A short version of the same film would’ve been crisper rather than extending the content to a feature length film. Though it introduced a cost effective format of shooting, the final output on screen did not turn up as expected. I could not connect to the film but I understand Mumbai Express was intended to be an experiment and a stepping stone towards the growth of Tamil cinema.

(As told to sudhish kamath)