I am a parama rasikan of Kamal Haasan. I would have hardly missed a single film of his. Especially those he has done for K. Balachandar. For instance, I must have watched Nizhal Nijamagiradhu 40 to 50 times. We were a group of four friends; we knew some of his films frame-by-frame. Even if we watched a film of his for the nth time our excitement would be the same. We would hear the audience calling us names as we happily announced what was going to happen next. His latest, Dasavathaaram, is a masterpiece. It’s sad that we don’t value and encourage such classic films. When such a film is made in Hollywood, we go ga ga over it. I’m sure people will realise its worth 15 years hence and Dasavathaaram would have entered the golden history of Indian cinema. Apart from world-class technical inputs and the amazing make-up, Kamal scores high on acting too. Having done theatre for so long, I now understand what acting is and am completely moved by Kamal’s performance. In short, the film conveys his deep passion for cinema, his courage to experiment and his willingness to work hard.