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y. sunita chowdhary
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swinging emotionsThe lead pair in the film
swinging emotionsThe lead pair in the film

This is one of the very few rare Kannada films that are dubbed and released in Hyderabad. Released in 2010, it is being advertised as having fetched some awards but don’t get fooled going to the film to check out its content. The only sane part of the film is the title because it justifies the story; Krishna (Ajay Rao) Loves Geeta (Radhika) means it is just a one-sided love. A hardworking mother who makes a living by stitching clothes, a drunkard brother who is a nuisance and a sister who has big dreams and treats the street children with ice cream. The heroine Geeta doesn’t wear poverty on her sleeve, remember her mother is a tailor. So she wears designer salwars and even does pub hopping with a proper dress code, and does not hesitate to even two-time her lovers — one a middle class guy and one from a rich family.

She tells the hero, the middle class youth that as long as she is with him she is in love but the moment she goes home, her poverty makes her think of you know whom? So she ditches the former and elopes with Mr Richie Rich, Narender hoping for a bright spot in her life. As long as she is with him she looks lost apparently thinking of her former lover.

Narender dies in a car accident and Geeta returns to be consoled by the once bitten not shy Krishna and is more than happy to marry her. Just when they both look happy, she suddenly ridden with guilt kills herself. All the three characters are whimsical and spiteful and don’t make sense at all. Instead of feeling compassionate, you are happy that the misery of the girl plus that of the audience has ended.

The entire second part of the film where Geeta is wallowing in self pity gets on to your nerves. Honestly who has the time to sit and watch a woman weep for attention and is not willing to help herself or take help? Dubbing is pathetic and lip synch goes haywire.

The climax scene at the gorge has been shot well. Radhika Pandit, is charming and can act well. Ajay Rao needs a lot more flexibility in expressions.

A couple of numbers are pleasant to listen and the cinematography is reasonably good. The film can be watched by those who have an extraordinary capacity to tolerate a woman’s rapid mood swings.

y. sunita chowdhary


Cast:Ajay Rao, Radhika Pandit




Plot:Girl in love with two guys but eventually sees no future

Bottomline:Self denial, doubt and apathy drives heroine to suicide



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