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Way to go

y. sunita chowdhary
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in focus Balakrishna's daughter Brahmani is set to pursue her MBA from Stanford University

daughter dear Brahmani with her family
daughter dear Brahmani with her family

B rahmani has made her parents Balakrishna and Vasundhara proud again. She's got a seat in four top universities — Harvard, Houston, Kellogg and Stanford Universities but chose Stanford to pursue MBA. Always a top ranker, this time too she got an admission on merit, says the proud father, Balakrishna. The smart and talented girl had always been determined, focused and knew what she wanted and where she wished to see herself later in life. A meticulous planner and an adorable girl, Brahmani earlier graduated in electrical engineering from Santa Clara University in California with distinction and won various awards for being an exemplary student.

Speaking to Cinema Plus, Balakrishna says, “Earlier she got a seat in Anna University too but she preferred studying in Hyderabad and joined CBIT. After two years she moved to Santa Clara University.

They need credits to give an admission and most people just make through with an average but Brahmini got 100 per cent credits to join the University. She won various awards for her projects and stood out amongst the rest.”

The actor adds his daughter later worked in Singapore with Venture Capital and is now all set to study again and after completion would like to start her own business, we could be seeing her as an entrepreneur.

All through her studies it was Vasundhara, Balakrishna's wife who played a major role as he was always shooting and the support for his child from his side was a silent one.

Balayya says all degrees go waste after marriage if there is no proper encouragement and Brahmini is lucky to have in-laws who support her in every decision; he is trying to squeeze in maximum time to spend with his daughter before she leaves for the US in September.

y. sunita chowdhary



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