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y. sunita chowdhary
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chat After a convincing negative portrayal in ‘SVSC’, Rao Ramesh is hungry for more

Rao Ramesh
Rao Ramesh

“M adisannaka kasintha kalaposana vundalayya, utthine thini thongunte madisiki godduki theda yetuntantadhi ,” said late Rao Gopalrao in Muthyala Muggu that went on to become his trademark dialogue. His son Rao Ramesh in Seetamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu doesn't sermonise or throw satires like him but has his own inimitable style, he stresses the word ‘ aproyojakatvam’ filled with sarcasm, hatred and envy but at the same time shows his authority and flaunts his success to Venkatesh.

The phone hasn’t stopped ringing ever since the film’s release, and Rao Ramesh shares his happiness with us. His rise to being a popular character artiste didn’t happen overnight and he had his share of struggle and waiting. Luckily opportunities knocked his door with one or two good roles and there has been no looking back. He says, “Whatever I am today is an offshoot of the culture taught by my parents, the atmosphere I grew up in and the urge to fulfil the responsibility of proving myself.” Rao Ramesh observes that very rarely in Telugu cinema one gets to do offbeat roles and characters with slight variations. He was very sure about not repeating the characters and hoped the directors would offer him something exciting even if the scenes were just two in the film. In Kotha Bangaru Lokam he played a professor, in Bus Stop he was a broadminded, doting yet a sensible parent Most of his roles had a touch of arrogance in them, isn’t it? The artiste agrees, “80 percent yes, when we say a dialogue people should listen to us, not look here and there or walk out of the theatre. My lines might be preachy but I say it with a certain command, authority and confidence and people strangely listen and love it. Recently I went to the hospital with my kid and people come and said ‘Sir Yedhiana Cheppandi, Chepthe Vinalani Untundi’ . I think all this is my dad’s work, his blessings.”He is all praise for Srikant Addala the director who gave the Telugu industry the biggest hit in the beginning of this year, “He urges the artistes to get the feel of the character and the situation. If we understand and do as he says you get such a beautiful scene on the screen. I still remember his words, he would tell me, “imagine, don’t let your feelings come out, don’t dominate; there should be dignity in your words, yet it should make other people feel like hitting you.” He takes the best in the first attempt and still makes you do it thrice and more but finally okays the first one.” Rao Ramesh has amazing energy levels and his enthusiasm is infectious. Even during dubbing he insists on improving the dialogue like a newcomer. He voice is clear and unique and he had been asked to dub for many regional films but decided against it. “When the audience gets a kick out of our performance, a new story and a new role for us takes shape but it will take time, we need to have patience,” he signs off with cool confidence.

y. sunita chowdhary



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