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Heist gone wrong Armored
Heist gone wrong Armored

The only thing that works for Armored is its mercifully short running time. At 88 minutes Nimrod Antal (such a cool name!) has created a fairly-serviceable thriller that brings to mind the countless James Hadley Chases consumed over innumerable train journeys and summer vacations.

The movie tells the tale of Ty, a war vet with all sorts of terrible problems including losing his house thanks to nasty letters from the bank and a brother who he might lose to foster care. Ty works for a security firm involved in moving armoured trucks full of money. The movie opens with Ty's first day. We are rapidly introduced to all the characters from Quinn to big, burly Baines and Mike.

Mike knew Ty's parents and tells Ty of a plan by the men to hijack the company trucks during a transport of 42 million dollars. Ty is at first reluctant but joins in anyway. Like all foolproof plans, this one also goes off the rails spectacularly.

The ensemble cast of A-listers for what is essentially a B-movie ensures the diverting spectacle of watching people such as Matt Dillon (Mike), Laurence Fishburne (Baines) and Jean Reno (Quinn) chew the scenery, squint and look mean. And yes, Armored uses a nice industrial palette.




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