UTV World Movies has announced the winners of the Short Film Competition after the jury went through 260 entries. The channel telecast the films of the top three winners of the competition last weekend. Choosing the top three entries was a panel of judges comprising directors Raj Kumar Gupta, Paresh Mokashi and Sooni Taraporevala. The winning entries that captured the interest and appreciation of the judges areDo I by Vikram Ahuja (Bangalore),The Price by Vicky Khandpur (Mumbai) andLost and Found by Param Shiv (Mumbai).

The winning films were an interesting mix comprising an artistically made stop motion film which narrates the story of a lonely guy inLost and Foundto an exaggerated version of how guys feel and think about marriage and more importantly how differently men and women think inDo Iand finallyThe Pricewhich is an abstract take on a social message narrated through the tale of young man's first visit to a prostitute and the price he has to pay.