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m. l. narasimham
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turning criminalStill from ‘Oka romantic crime katha'
turning criminalStill from ‘Oka romantic crime katha'

The promos of P. Sunil Kumar Reddy's Oka Romantic Crime Katha ' where three young women are shown in veil with a caption, prathi paradha venaka oka rahasyam vundi, attract one's attention. The purpose naturally is to raise curiosity. This done, Sunil reveals that today there are no secrets because all are recorded in one way or other and mistakes do haunt us.

“The three girls (played by Gayathri, Swapna and Divya) are not classmates but bus-mates. They are X std, Intermediate and under-graduate students. They travel by the same bus and friendship develops. Each has a tale to tell and they travel seamlessly complimenting each others. And there are two guys (played by child actors turned heroes Manoj Nandam and Sai Anil) who are part of these tales,” he says.

Alarmed by the way some of the youngsters are drifting away from civic life into a criminal world mostly from the nuclear families he says the disturbing issue is the white collar crimes. “Educated persons' involvement in crimes is an alarming issue. I tried to interpret this in the context of moral collapse. I did not want to scare the parents. But why then this is happening? There is a lack of proper communication in nuclear families. The children at times are not getting the affection they expect. There are elements ready to exploit this void and that leads to the misdeeds. There is a veil between the generations. I want to expose that veil. That's why I used the veil in the promos,” Sunil discloses.

Sunil missed the national award by a whisker for his Gangaputhrulu . The film won three Nandi awards and his earlier movie, Sonthavooru bagged four Nandi awards. “I learnt from my earlier films that I did not cater to the film consuming audience. So this subject is written and made for them. The average age of the actors is 24. It is an entertainer and vibrant screen space is created adding cyber crimes and bike-racing in the subject,” he guffaws. “I feel a movie should have a purpose. The cinematic approach is also to create a self realisation among them while dishing out entertainment,” he adds.

Shot extensively in Visakhapatnam, the ace filmmaker says that Sabu James's cinematography portrays the city and the locations afresh. “The best part apart from Praveen Immadi's musical score is his re-recording. It gelled with the script.” He has a word of praise for his editor Sri Guha's slick editing.

Produced under Sravya Films banner and presented by Digiquest, the movie is slated for release on May 4.

m. l. narasimham


Cast:Gayathri, Swapna, Divya, Manoj Nandam and Sai Anil

Direction:P. Sunil Kumar Reddy

Plot:A look at youngsters getting involved in white collar crimes.



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