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y. sunita chowdhary
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playing to the galleryVishal in ‘Khiladi'
playing to the galleryVishal in ‘Khiladi'

Dark is beautiful but when you want to make it light by dabbing make up it looks terrible, that is how Vishal looks in some scenes when he attends an interview. In a fairly illogical, racy plot, the hero falls first for a woman (Tanushree Dutta) who runs after a stranger and slaps him for touching her derriere while she waits at the bus stop. Next, at a wedding his heart skips a beat for a pretty and a good hearted Sara Jane Dias who takes the initiative and conducts the wedding of a friend that has been stalled because the bride's father couldn't arrange for the dowry. The weirdest part is instead of getting angry and asking the groom to take a walk, the modern girl with modern thoughts collects jewellery from the guests and gives it to the bride and counsels her to be independent. The final woman is a multi-millionaire who is nursing a broken heart and falls for this man at the drop of a hat.

It is a pretty easy job from then onwards for the hero who believes in having the best things and people in his life to narrow down his choice, by flirting with the three and planning to marry the best in the end. Rest of the story is how the girls get to know his plans and resolve to teach him a lesson. Theeratha Vilayattu Pillai has been dubbed and released after a year and has very close similarities to Dev Anand's Teen Deviyan where the hero cavorts three beauties and falls in love with each of them and also appears as a burlesque of Marc Camoletti's Boeing Boeing . What works for the script is that it could work for the front benchers who identify with the educated but good for nothing hero, his costumes, his duets in beautiful locations and some funny one liners but the very predictable screenplay will let out the girl of his choice without much thinking.

Sudha plays his mother, constantly screaming and talking to the audiences from the camera, the father is supportive of him, is seen standing on a stool to reach his son's height and combing his hair. Out of the three heroines, Tanushree Dutta, Sara Jane Dias and Neetu Chandra, the last shows some spark and mettle; hr role is the meatiest out of the all.

The screenplay turns slow in the second half, and Sneha's entry in the finale looks superficial. The movie reminds you of a reality show on television where the hero keeps eliminating each prospective bride when they realise his intentions. The plot is outdated, no woman with a sense of dignity or decorum would fall for a man at first sight and treat him at a luxury suite in a hotel and enjoy a cycle ride and street food at dusk with him. Begins well but later turns out to be an exercise in tedium.

y. sunita chowdhary


Cast:Vishal, Tanushree Dutta, Sara Jane Dias, Neetu Chandra


Music:Yuvan Shankar Raja


Plot:A casanova's bizarre quest for a perfect woman

Bottomline:Vishal admits he is a hero of single screen theatres, not multiplex



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