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Chat Actor Naveen Chandra has wrapped up his latest movie and is learning to handle fame

fame and familiarityactor Naveen
fame and familiarityactor Naveen

Post the release of Andala Rakshasi , life has become a wee bit difficult for Naveen Chandra. The tall, bearded actor is bombarded with friendship requests on Facebook, girls follow him to shooting spots to propose to him and he is embarrassed discussing matters of the heart. “Now I have changed my look, trimmed my beard and people don’t recognise me like before,” Naveen quips. He has wrapped up Dalam directed by RGV’s associate Jeevan Reddy. His next film is a rom-com that will be directed by Satya, Puri Jagan’s associate. There is also a Tamil film on the sets and another Telugu film by art director Ashok is on the anvil.

About Dalam he says, “After seven years of naxalism, the hero comes to the city to lead a normal life but he faces problems with the police, politicians and gets into crime which affects everyone around him. An intense story, the movie has been shot in Paaderu and Gallapalli in Vizag. Gallapalli is such a beautiful place in Andhra Pradesh, full of greenery and peace. At Paaderu we shot 4,000 feet above sea level, on the mountains for 21 days. The wind was strong and it would rain, but it was lovely. If our film makers see this location I’m sure they will return to shoot again and again.”

Naveen recalls that cops stopped him after they finished the shoot; Naveen had been sporting a beard and was dressed like the naxals and also had an AK47 with him. There was no changing room so he had to walk a distance to reach his van. The cops didn’t believe a shooting was on as there were frequent bomb blasts. He adds, “They left me but took our hair dresser away with them for interrogation as he was carrying a bag with wigs. After three or four days they noticed the shooting and the vans and realised it was indeed a movie unit. Even Naga Babu was stopped initially. During lunch they came to us and introduced themselves. I guessed all through the while they were amongst the onlookers. They were nice and ate with us after they got to know that our story was not against them.”

But how was he spotted for the film Dalam ? Director Jeevan Reddy spotted him sipping chai at an Irani Cafe. The actor had just finished working for Andala Rakshasi and was taking it easy. Jeevan Reddy followed him and on finding out he was an actor, immediately signed him for the project.

Dalam is due for release this month. Naveen puts the entire story in a nutshell, “The hero wields the gun for the people. The cops who stalked naxals in the forests make their life miserable in the civilian society, forcing them to pick up weapons again.”

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