This is an enviable role for actor Vijay Antony who makes his debut in Telugu through a dubbed movie. The script is so strong that it can stand on its own despite getting monotonous and predictable at one stage. Jeeva Shankar maintains the thrill element without romance or any sort of song and dance. Jeeva Shankar had used the script to maximum advantage and it appears as if he has worked a lot on Vijay Antony’s body language. Kudos to the music composer and actor for choosing a story based subject rather than something that is light, musical and safe. The narration is linear and lead actor’s dialogues are few and the script it is full of twists and turns, pace is racy.

But what is the story that revolves around a master manipulator? Is he a schizophrenic, is he a pathological liar or an ill fated man drawn into crime? By using the tagline ‘no one is perfect’ what is that the director intended to say?

Vijay Antony carries a single brooding expression throughout the film which is necessary at time, but even in some crucial scenes when he commits two murders, he maintains the same frigid look. The rest of the cast have done a decent job. This film doesn’t require a sequel; the auteur should have shown his nemesis or redemption by adding another extra ten minutes. Nakili makes for an interesting watch; those bored with formula movies will find this one engaging.

y. sunita chowdhary



Cast:Vijay Antony, Siddharth, Rupa Manjari, Anuya

Director:Jeeva Shankar

Music:Vijay Antony

Plot:A man kills one to cover up a mistake, and kills another and still escapes

Bottomline:Inspired by Angelina Jolie starrer ‘Taking Lives’ (2004)