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chat Director K. Srikanth talks about his debut project, ‘April Fool’

jump startdirector srikanth
jump startdirector srikanth

Prod debutant director Krishnaswamy Srikanth Iyengar to reveal the synopsis of his film April Fool and he will not give away any minute details. He retorts, “The main character is born on the first of April and instead of people celebrating it and singing happy birthday they sing ‘April Fool’. People keep asking me for the story. If I reveal anything, it’s like killing the film. I’m guarding it like a recipe of a Kentucky Fried Chicken. It is not a cinema that no one has ever attempted, it is a regular masala film. Hopefully people will appreciate the structure and the concrete story attached to it.”

The shooting of April Fool began in July and just one more song is yet to be shot which in all likelihood would take place in Coorg, Shimoga. The story revolves mainly around five people — Jagapati Babu, Bhumika, Randhir, Gulshan Grover and Rallapalli. There are other characters as well like ‘Tagubothu’ Ramesh, Dhanraj etc..It has become a fad among many film makers to use English titles for Telugu films, even a debutant like Srikant follows suit. Srikant is quick to explain, “We did look at other titles. If you see the film, you would be convinced that it is an apt title for the story. It is a social fantasy, comedy and has a lot of action backdrop. Jagapati Babu and Bhumika were roped in for the commercial viability but keeping all this in view, I didn’t compromise on my story. I have been blessed by the opportunity to work with both the actors. I acted with Bhumika earlier, here she fits into the role perfectly and Jagapati Babu looks the way he looks himself — he is handsome and is immensely comfortable in the role given to him.”

Srikant has directed docu dramas and a few English plays A Street Car Named Desire and Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf? This has been the moment Srikanth has always been waiting for, to direct a commercial film. He gave up medicine for acting.He says he is equally fond of both theatre and movies and took this long to direct a film because he was not smart enough to market well enough to get a producer. “But I’ve been lucky in the last few years. Perhaps I needed time to grow.

The tryst with theatre was very accomplishing and useful and I was introduced to the producers. My father has imparted very valuable points of view that have become my conviction. Just because I’m married to a beautiful girl I cannot stop appreciating the beauty of the other person. Theatre is very dear but I don’t call myself a theatre personality. Cinema is my dream, ambition and passion.”




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