Revenge not so sweet

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Gordon Ramsay is paying the price for his foul-mouthed rants at chefs and restaurateurs, with his own kitchen nightmare. The celebrity chef says he has developed a phobia of eating out because of all the kitchen staff he has upset over the years who might be hell-bent on revenge. Ramsay, 42, has become famous for his rants at lacklustre staff and contestants on his various cooking shows but it seems things are finally catching up with the millionaire chef. Asked the reaction he gets when he walks into a restaurant as a paying customer, Ramsay explains: “First of all, nothing happens for 45 minutes so you sit there going, ‘Here we go. What’s going on?’ Then you sort of wonder if it’s a chef seeking revenge. ‘Is my starter going through the dishwasher three or four times or are they stamping on it for revenge? Maybe they’re putting all bits-and-bobs in the dressing.’ You never know.”



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