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chat Sarah Jane Dias is all attitude and bling. sravasti datta gets to hear about all the hard work she's put into being an actor

prim ‘n' propah Sarah Jane Dias Photo: Murali Kumar K.
prim ‘n' propah Sarah Jane Dias Photo: Murali Kumar K.

B ollywood newcomer Sarah Jane Dias doesn't need a publicist. She is excellent at the work herself. And her attitude, which she throws around with aplomb, is overbearing to say the least. But you have to give her credit for one thing: she acts, speaks and looks every bit an actor whose stardom is a given. There are moments, though, when the starlet appears grounded, particularly when she speaks about how hard she has worked to be where she is. Her film Game, in which she plays the role of Maya, released this week.

Sarah has been a VJ on Channel V, a model, has acted in a Tamil film and even co-owns Butterfly, a bakery in Mumbai that serves “girlie and cute” cup cakes. “I was an all-rounder and was fortunate enough to win all the extra-curricular competitions in school. Hard work and perseverance have got me where I am today. It sounds clichéd, but it's the key to success,” says the former Miss India.

Sarah is excited about her role, Maya, in Game. She considers it “the most important character in the film”. “Maya's journey is interlinked with that of every other character's,” is all Sarah wants to reveal. But on further questioning she says: “Your heart really goes out to her as she finds happiness as well as sorrow in her life.”

Behind all the glamour, fame and celebrity there are gruelling schedules and exercise regimes. What does Sarah have to say about it? “You know, I have stopped telling people about how much effort actors have to put in. I shot 24/7 non-stop for four days for Mehki Mehki; it wasn't easy.” So what motivates her to reach her goals? “The people who believe in you are the ones who keep you going.”

It was easy for Sarah to act in a big-budget film as she says, “I am not camera shy. My experience of walking the ramp has given me a fair idea of angles.”

Her rapport with co-actor Abhishek Bachchan and director Abhinay Deo helped her too. “It was great fun working with Abhishek. He made me feel very comfortable.”

She contends that women's roles are coming of age in Bollywood. “It's about time women are given more importance in films. I think it would have happened anyway. Women's increasing empowerment in society is getting reflected in our films.”

She admires Shabana Azmi and even the current crop of Bollywood actresses. “Priyanka, Sushmita and Deepika — all of them have worked their way up, which is admirable.”

For now, Sarah is concentrating only on Game. “As of now, I am thinking of nothing else but Game. Shooting for it was a huge deal. I cried when I saw myself on screen for the first time. The sheer magnitude was overwhelming. I was amazed at how the crew made me look good on screen. It was unbelievable!”

I cried when I saw myself on screen for the first time. The sheer magnitude was overwhelming.



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