chat Director Amar’s first movie is a look at new-age relationships

Debutant director Amar has a penchant for watching and working on issue-based films. Even while working as an assistant director for Tammareddy Baradwaj, Surender and Malli, he had been thinking of directing a unique subject some day and patiently waited for a producer to fund it. Then one day, Raju, his friend in the US offered to produce the movie. Now the film is almost wrapped up and a release date is being finalised. Amar says, “I had the story but not the right people who believed in it and that’s why my dream project got delayed. I love Balachander’s and Hitchcock’s movies and was mainly inspired by Idhi Katha Kadhu . All our films show the lead actors as heroes and not as characters within the story, so they don’t look natural at all. The movies we see are far from reality with incredible budgets. The budget goes haywire because we glorify our heroes and directors and that’s the root cause of the films’ failure. We hype them up so much that they don’t live up to expectations.”

Amar’s debut project is titled Break Up. Why such a negative title? He observes, “I have seen many incidents and youngsters falling in love and breaking up at the drop of a hat. Some reasons for splitting up are genuine and some are trivial. On one occasion a girl had differences with her boyfriend, so they broke up. Then after a while she went to meet him at his house. We do not know what transpired between them but the next day the girl was found dead in her house. After listening to such stories I resolved to make a movie on the reasons why a couple splits. The film begins with a break up.”

But how does one stretch such a theme for two and a half hours? The director says the film shows the consequences of a break up and there is also a part of the story that tells us how the situation would have been be if the couple had not split. There are separations after marriages also but for the film, Amar stuck to single people in love.

The highlight of the film, Amar avers, is the screenplay and the multiple narrations. He adds, “How would it be if we were to behave this way? The story is narrated from both the girl’s and the boy’s point of view. Swati, Randhir, Satish of Indus Gharana (music) and some more characters have worked in the film. It was shot in 35 days spread over three months. There is perfect planning and audience will continue to think about the character, why they took such a decision or why they shouldn’t have taken such a decision, long after they have watched the film. I couldn’t get a more appropriate title so I stuck to this English term. Break Up is catchy and colloquial.”

He adds, “We are promoting this film in colleges too. The film is targeted at people in the 20-30 age group.”

y. sunita chowdhary

I have seen many incidents and many youngsters falling in love and breaking up at the drop of a hat