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chatline Actor John Abraham on his new role as film maker

living strongJohn Abraham
living strongJohn Abraham

After almost a decade of acting, John Abraham turns a producer under the banner JA Entertainment with Shoojit Sircar directorial Vicky Donor. Co-starring popular TV host Ayushmann Khurrana and debutante Yami Gautam, this comedy talks about a sensitive subject of sperm donation in a lighter vein.

Why did you decide to become a producer at this point in your career?

When I read the script of Vicky Donor, I really liked it. It was a fabulous script and I wanted to work with Shoojit since a long time. I am a big fan of Shoojit and he makes films that are brilliant and beautiful. This was the best opportunity to take as a producer and I am happy to be in that capacity. I enjoy the space of being a producer.

Why are you not starring in your first production, Vicky Donor and instead have new faces like Ayushmann Khurrana and Yami Gautam?

New talent should always be encouraged because I remember I was a newcomer at one time and the industry really encouraged me. When I read the script, it was very clear that it needed new faces. Ayushmann Khuranna and Yami's name came up. We have made the best choices in all our characters. As a case in point, we usually star in our first films (productions) to power them but it is important for me to present the first film effectively in the capacity of a producer. We are trying to do just that with (co-producers) Eros. As a producer, I promise nothing but super-entertainment in this film.

Reportedly, you are doing an item number in this film.

Yeah, there is a song ‘Rum whisky' that you hear as a background track in the trailers. I am going to be shooting for that song this month. It will be choreographed by Bosco-Caesar. We are all very excited about presenting the film with this song that will come at the opening of the film. So it is going to be a lot of fun.

Do you believe in the concept of sperm donation?

Yes, I completely believe in it. I must share the statistics. From 1982 to 2002, in Mumbai itself, there is a census that speaks about the number of childless couples in the city and the rate of increase in 20 years has been 50 percent. Today when we speak of sperm donation it is taboo. But it is a topic that needs to be addressed. This is not a social film but a commercial, fun film. We touch upon the topic of sperm donation in the most respectable and fun manner but at the same time, giving it all the credit it needs. Since the film deals with sperm donation is a lighter vein, will we see a lot of adult humour in it?

There are no adult jokes in this film. It is a very tastefully done film. As makers of Vicky Donor, we made sure that it is not crass and preserve. It is funny but it is very credible.

What marketing strategies are you planning for the film?

The concept of sperm donation is the first of its kind. It is very unique and it has to be treated with a lot of care. We have all been sitting together, formulating different ways to market this film in interesting ways. We know that youngsters and kids are going to take to this film in a very big way. For instance, homosexuality was treated in a very caricaturish way till Dostanahappened which gave it some credibility to an extent. Similarly, sperm donation, which is a taboo for a lot of people has been treated with a lot of credibility in this film and we will promote it in the same manner.

Will you donate your own sperm?

If someone needs my sperms, as a social cause, I would definitely donate it.

H ow torn are you going to be between promotions of Vicky Donor and shooting of your next biggieShootout At Wadala?

Balaji and Sanjay Gupta have been very kind. They have given me enough time off from Shootout. I wanted time off and this is priority for me at this point. I am going to be travelling to all the cities with the entire team.

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