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Problem of plenty

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Harry Potter star Jason Isaacs is having trouble adjusting to Hollywood's all-you-can-eat approach to moviemaking. The Brit actor is Stateside filming new US TV drama Awake and finding it hard to stomach aspects of the on-set routine. “The main difference is the food,” says Jason. “In England you get there, there's a couple of fried sausages and bacon in the morning and then maybe something very heavy like prison food for lunch. If you're lucky there's some sandwiches made out of leftovers about four o'clock and an urn of tea. And here on an American film and television set, there is a rolling buffet of every single edible substance known to man from the second you arrive in the morning until the second you roll yourself and squeeze yourself in a car in the evening. How there aren't more deaths by heart attack on set I have no idea.”



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