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chat Kriti Kharbanda will be the surprise package in the forthcoming ‘Teen maar'

W ith her near-perfect features Kriti Kharbanda is one of the gorgeous-looking girls in the industry today. She did not have a dream debut, Boni sank without a trace but the only notable aspect about the film was her presence, some bad styling and terrible make-up notwithstanding. The lady was shocked to see herself on screen and says she isn't the prettiest woman on this planet but she is definitely not that bad. So, she told the director of her next film Nandini Reddy not to get her a stylist or a make-up man and that she would handle it herself. Kriti made a very brief appearance in Ala Modalaindi but those few minutes made a lasting impact. Did she expect Ala Modhalaindhi to do so well? She did have hopes on the film faring well but she didn't expect it to be recognised so much and is all praise for the team. She did the film only because of Nandini, she says.

The one year between Boni and the to-be-released Teen Maar was very hard to deal with. There were offers coming in but they weren't what she was looking for. She was offered Orange but they didn't sign her, meanwhile a lot of names like Sruthi, Kajal etc cropped up and there was a long silence. What hurt her the most was that she was in the news for the wrong reason. She adds, “Shazhan did an extremely good job, sometimes it's not in your fate; I hope to be a part of Charan's film sometime in the future.”

So how did Teen Maar happen? While visiting Hyderabad she met Jayant Paranje for just two minutes and left the same evening to Bangalore. A day later she was called and given the signing amount and was informed that she's doing Pawan Kalyan's film Teen Maar. The wait was definitely worth it. She quips, “My parents keep telling me not to run after things, if I'm destined it will definitely come to me.” While all this was happening, Kriti's debut film in Kannada Chiru released and became a big hit. She says she remembers reading the article in a newspaper that amongst the best performances this year, the notable and memorable two are from Nayantara (from Super) and Kriti (from Chiru). It made her very happy for being weighed on the same level as Nayantara.

There's no stopping Kriti now, she's confident and pretty sure about what she wants. Teen Maar is releasing on April 14 and she's decided not to sign any film unless it is something to die for. “I'm not expecting producers to queue up outside my house, I want them to put the money only after seeing the film,” she avers. Kriti reveals that in Teen Maar there are retro scenes in which she had to replicate heroines from the 70s.

She's being left out from the trailers deliberately to surprise audiences. “People will love my look, and what I'll be wearing. The costumes and jewellery everything has been handpicked by me. You will notice that I've done something that no one ever has ever done in the last one decade.”

With that kind of positive attitude, Kriti is sure going to be singled out for projects where top actresses are either pitching for or are in strong contention.

y. sunita chowdhary

My parents keep telling me not to run after things, if I'm destined it will definitely come to me



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