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  • y. sunita chowdhary
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Now that Anjali’s Shopping Mall, Journey are a hit and she is working in Seetamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu we have to suffer her previous flop projects in a dubbed form. The actor is hugely talented and pretty but Sati Leelavati ( Karungali in Tamil) is a torture from the word go. It is regressive, repulsive and reduced to a cheap sex thriller.

Anjali and her husband are childless and she visits a doctor (Sunitha Verma) who advises them to come together for consultation. Yet it is Anjali who keeps seeing her . The doc discusses her patient’s case history with her psychopath husband who she is completely in love with. Unknown to the doc, the husband who has a roving eye approaches Anjali and tells her that her doc has sent him to use him as a pill to cure her infertility.

That is not the only disgusting part of the film. Have you ever wondered what makes this doctor marry such a womaniser , and also a necrophiliac. He has a violent history right from his childhood, and in fact while escaping from cops he saves this doctor who’s hit in an accident. She recovers and resolves to marry him despite knowing about his criminal past. Whether it is out of gratitude, sympathy, love, only the director can tell.

Now Anjali who is forever weeping and behaving like a Sati Savitri oops Sati Leelavati has to gain sympathy in another form. Her mother-in-law, just like the ones you see on the small tube, threatens to bring in another bahu if she doesn’t conceive. So the innocent, submissive, pretty doll almost allows the psychopath to get cosy with her when her husband knocks on the door. The short tempered husband whacks her, only for not reminding him to take his wallet to work. While we leave the rest of the story to your imagination, one ought to mention the film is brutal — the villagers stab the psychopath in turns and dance around his body.

There are too many subplots and the director attempts to build the tension but each character including Anjali’s puts one off. The vulgarity first amuses you but after a good few minutes, you start cringing. Sunitha Verma sports a blank face most of the time and the rest over act. A waste of time.

y. sunita chowdhary


Cast:Anjali, Kalanjiyam, Sunitha Verma




Plot:A doctor marries a necrophiliac and he begins to torment her patient

Bottomline:Apathetic characters and a pathetic story



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