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chat cinematographer K.V. Guhan talks about unlearning on the job and on what keeps drawing him to our state

at workGuhan with his team during a shoot
at workGuhan with his team during a shoot

Guhan works best when there is freedom of expression. Though he is a Tamilian, his repertoire consists of more Telugu films than Tamil.

Dookudu, Balu ABCD, Gaganam, Athadu, Dhoni, Jalsa, Khushi etc. are some of his films. On the sets of Seetamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu , the talented cinematographer observes, “I cannot endure dominating or commanding people. Cinema is a team operation, I like to have my say in putting up shots, lighting etc. I have been lucky so far, I’ve worked with a variety of directors and I enjoy their company.”

Guhan says he is always wondering what brings him to Andhra Pradesh so frequently. He started his career as an assistant cinematographer and has risen and one sees his growth to the level of maturity of vision in his creative journey. He finds his oeuvre enriching and enjoyable.

Guhan also tried his hand at directing. He made his debut through the remake of Happy Days in Tamil, Prakash Raj was the producer. He says, “It was his own production house and he introduced me as a director. He loved Happy Days and felt it was a wholesome film that would work well with the youth. But I like the underworld, Godfather kind of films. The gun toting men, bullets flying in the air, the disquieting darkness; you can try new things in this genre. You can find my signature in films like Athadu .” During his free time he works on his scripts. His next story is for a Telugu film. Is it a bilingual?

He retorts, “Bilinguals don’t help. We do have a few artistes who are from both Telugu and Tamil but the film ends up giving neither a Telugu nor Tamil feel. It is not justified but Tamil dubbed into Telugu or Telugu dubbed in Tamil are quite successful. There is always an audience for them.”

Guhan is all praise for Srikant who is directing Seetamma Vakitlo… . Again, like the rest of the technicians, the director is helping Guhan learn something new. “He has his own way of seeing things. First, we are all unlearning what we’ve learnt for the past ten years to do a thing in a certain way and then someone comes and taps you and wakes you up. The change is refreshing and welcome. All my scripts have something from each director. Srikant’s work is subtle. His heroes too are understated. Mahesh and Venkatesh are Chinnodu and Peddhodu and you will not see them larger than life.”

y. sunita chowdhary



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