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  • sangeetha devi dundoo
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deewana mastanaSharwanand, Shriya, Sharwanand and Allari Naresh in 'Nuvva Nena'
deewana mastanaSharwanand, Shriya, Sharwanand and Allari Naresh in 'Nuvva Nena'

Apetty thief, Avinash (Allari Naresh), and his sidekick Chanti (Ali) snatch as many gold chains and wallets as possible before getting nabbed by cops in Amalapuram. The superintendent of police wants them to loot some money from under their nose for a share. Anivash and Chanti outsmart the cop and make away with the loot. They move base to the city and stay at a lavish five-star hotel.

In Hyderabad, Avinash chances upon Nandini (Shriya), a psychiatrist. He goes to meet Nandini under the pretext that Chanti suffers from a psychiatric problem. The road to love is far from being rosy. Trouble comes in the form of Anand (Sharwanand), who has a fear of nearly everything — height, water, fire… you name it. He comes repeatedly for psychiatric counselling, gets cured and falls in love with Nandini but continues to pretend that he is unwell just so that he can meet Nandini. Both Naresh and Anand clash head on for Nandini and play a cat-and-mouse game, even as she remains blissfully unaware of their intentions. Oh wait, doesn't this ring a bell? The 1997 Hindi comedy Deewana Mastana (Anil Kapoor, Govinda and Juhi Chawla) is re-packaged with changes in the screenplay.

The first 10 minutes, where Allari Naresh hoodwinks the cops, prepares you for what's in store. Logic and reasoning go for a toss. A psychiatrist has to be pretty dumb to not see through a patient who continues to pretend to be unwell.

Don't use your grey cells and you will be guaranteed plenty of laughs. Allari Naresh and Sharwanand, back together on screen after Gamyam , try to hold your attention when the film loses steam. Naresh's ability to make the audience laugh is well known. It's Sharwanand who springs a surprise with his comic timing. Shriya is made to look glamorous even at work and has nothing much to do apart from just looking pretty. If the two heroes weren't enough, there's also Brahmanandam pining for Shriya. He is a sight to behold as a small time goonda, reprising hit songs from Ghajini and Endhiran , and is supported by Kovai Sarala.

There's nothing new with the story or the narrative. Go without expectations.

sangeetha devi dundoo


Cast:Allari Naresh, Sharwanand, Shriya, Brahmanandam and Kovai Sarala

Direction:P. Narayana

Music:Bheems, background score by Mani Sharma

Plot:Two guys fall for the same girl and a battle for one-upmanship follows.

Bottom line:A laugh riot if you don't exercise your grey cells.



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