Agroup of five friends form a musical band called the crazy rock band, a classical musical singer Pallavi (Kimaya) one amongst the college students is always having problem with the five friends. She has to join them for a national music competition to be held in Vizag. Sanjay (Rahul) a rock star, Tony a key board player, Tanyya and Amit guitarists, and Prem drummer take on their rival a team headed by Rahul. Post interval is the fracas between the two teams and who emerges victorious.

Two minutes into the film and you know the film is handled by an amateur. The film is supposed to be about music but it has no clear story around which the concept of music should be revolving. Even as the film was drawing to close one still can’t decipher what the director’s intentions were. It has been publicised and promoted as a film produced by software engineer- turned-politician Palem Srikant Reddy; the producer is obviously surrounded by a team who have no knowledge of movie making. To make matters worse the characters have nothing in them that makes the audience wish to return.

Music Magic lacks the strength and inventiveness to hold the attention of youngsters who are the target audience. Did the director want to show the importance of Indian music over the others? Is it about two colleges vying for top place in a music competition? Are the sparring lovers supposed to unite in the end? Did he want to prove a point on rock and classical music? If so what is the character sketch and where is the conflict point? You will not find answers to a zillion questions as the plot lacks clarity, the first half has something and post interval it moves elsewhere.

There are quite a few padding artistes too but instead of giving support they are reduced to being loud comedians. A workshop for the actors and above all clarity in thought for the director could have helped the story. It is a first attempt for the producer, sad so much money has gone waste on a story that is outdated, outlandish and definitely not music to the ears. Better luck next time.

y. s. c


Cast:Rahul, Kimaya


Music:Joseph, Padmanabham

Plot:Two music groups vie for the top spot

Bottomline:No music, only cacophony this