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face-to-face Director Farah Khan on family and films

C horeographer-turned-filmmaker Farah Khan is now gearing up for the release of Tees Maar Khan with Akshay Kumar. In an interview, she talks about her upcoming film and her three kids who make their screen debut.

Why did you choose Akshay to star in Tees Maar Khan?

I could visualise Akshay saying the lines and enacting the way his character cons people. He is a smooth operator, nothing fazes him, and when he has to run, he runs away intelligently too; he has no false bravado.

This is the first time you had to say action to Akshay as a director and not as a choreographer.

I'm used to working with him, but as a director, it took us a couple of days to get into the groove. But once we got it, we had a ball.

Is Tees Maar Khan inspired by folklore?

Yes, it is inspired by it. There was a General of that same name. He had killed 30 macchars (mosquitoes), but people spread the news that he killed 30 tigers! Our story is a modern version of it — an overconfident person. Akshay is playing that role, he can do anything with his mind; it is a mad movie.

Your husband Shirish Kunder, it appears, has eight credits in the film.

It is actually Shirish's film; I'm just executing it. Shirish had offered me the film because we wanted to open a production house, and he said I should direct a film.

Has Shirish directed some portions?

He was handling the second unit, and all the train portions were shot by him.

What made you choose Katrina — that she and Akshay have done so many films together?

Since the two of them have been paired so many times, I really had to think a lot if I wanted the same pair or not. But the way the character was developing, I thought that it would be exciting for her to do something different, and for me to present her in a new way.

Did you ask Katrina to lose weight for the song?

No, she just toned her body. She is looking fabulous. I explained to her what she had to wear, and she toned herself well to feel comfortable while dancing. When you see her dancing, you know she's on a par with most of the dancers.

You choreographed ‘Munni Badnaam' and now ‘Sheila Ki Jawani' for your own film. Ready for comparisons?

Both of them are really very different — ‘Munni…' is very earthy and ‘Sheila…' is Chicago-meets-Bhojpuri.

Do you think music can make or break a film?

No. But, if you have very good music, it can really help your film. There are plenty of hit films out there which had bad music. Also, if you have an average film, and have a super hit song, it can make the movie hot for the first two days.

How was it to work with Akshaye Khanna?

We are both half Parsis; so half-and-half, we'd be full mad! In fact, I asked him to ham a lot in the film, and he's excelled himself. He is playing a bad actor in the film.

You have taken a jibe at your last film Om Shanti Om in the promo…

Yes, my promo editor needs beating ( laughs); it is very tongue-and-cheek. In OSO, we took a jibe at everyone, so I should be able to take a jibe at myself as well.

Your last two films had a 1970s flavour in them, will we see that in TMK?

It is an entertaining film — it has item songs, every reel has a highlight… but, nothing more. I have completely absorbed the 1970s.

I believe your kids are in the film too.

Yes, for the first time, all my three kids will be seen in a film. During the making of the film, I was always with one of my kids in one hand and mike in another. They enjoy being on the sets.

I guess they are getting trained for the film industry.

Their parents are producers-directors-editors (and I, a choreographer too). I love the film industry. If they become doctors or engineers, what will I talk to them about?

jigar shah

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