All smiles

They say marriage drastically transforms a man. So has Vivek Oberoi's life changed after the actor tied the knot with Bangalore beauty, Priyanka Alva?

Ask Vivek about life post-marriage, and he says, “I smile a lot more now.” He proudly adds, “I am a family man now.” But ask him for more sound bytes and he hedges with a smile, “My wife is waiting at home.”

Out of his comfort zone

Playing Lucky, the comical mute character in the Golmaal series, has proved extraordinarily lucky for Tusshar Kapoor. The latest in the series, Golmaal 3, too is a hit.

While Tusshar admits: “I am delighted when people appreciate my comic timing,” he adds: “But as an actor, I want to come out of my comfort zone and dabble in other fare like romance and action once again.”

And the actor is doing just that with his forthcoming films — the dark thriller Shorr, the romantic Love You Mr Kalakaar and the drama Hum Tum Aur Shabana.

But in case you are looking forward to Golmaal 4, don't lose sleep over this.

Tusshar reassures with a smile, “But I can never give up doing comedy. It's a lot of fun.”

Sequel, a saviour

Within days of the release of his action-adventure Ramaa: The Saviour, Sahil Khan has already planned a sequel to it. He says, “ Ramaa: The Saviour is doing well and we're getting good feedback. So we're planning a sequel to it though the title has not been finalised.”

Associated with Ayesha Shroff, Karma Production will produce the sequel too. Sahil informs, “We co-produced Part 1. We will produce this also. Like the earlier one, I will also act in it.” He laughs, “This is a good opportunity for me to find a job,” before adding on a serious note, “We will also give a share of the profits from Part 2 to a children's association. We felt they should get more credit because the film is run by children.”

Sahil says, “Unlike the earlier film which was in 2D, the sequel will be in 3D. So my abs will be seen better now.”

Con artist

Has Akshay Kumar taken his screen image as a con artist in Tees Maar Khan seriously? While he may not be robbing the rich, he is definitely light-fingered to compete with the best pocket-pickers.

Recently, we witnessed him in action. Akshay causally happened to shake hands with a particular gentleman; and after a while the person discovered that his wristwatch was missing. The man was dumbfounded when Akshay said, “Kyun chinta karte ho? Aapki ghadi safe hai mere pass!” And Akshay gave the watch back to the man. The man is still trying to figure out when Akshay swiped his watch.

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