He had worked with two diametrically opposite filmmakers, assisting them and learning from their style of crafting a movie. One was better known for making films with family values and on social and socio-political issues, while the other who had started off with a thought provoking film, later tasted big success with racy action entertainers. Harikrishna with this rich experience of working with Muthyala Subbaiah and Puri Jagannath, has branched out as an independent director with producer Abhinav Reddy's Disco .One happened to be on the sets at Ramanaidu Studios, Nanakramguda on the last day of the film's shoot. It was a bar set for a a hilarious scene. Naturally one expects the veteran actor M S Narayana to be there on location. Presto… he was there with the film's lead star Nikhil and his gang of friends (played by Vijay Sai, Qayyum and Pydithalli) and a host of junior actors. As you watch the comic scene, you are suddenly reminded of a recent huge commercial hit.

The director smiles and says that the scene is a parody of a similar sequence from his guru Puri Jagan's Businessman . (Later over the phone he informs that after editing, he had posted this scene on you tube for promotional purpose and just in a couple of days, it had 75 thousand hits!) Malhar Bhatt cranked the film with editing by Praveen Pudi.

In the film's story (and dialogues) written by Satheesh, Disco is the nickname of the protagonist's character. The jolly good fellow has this habit of teasing his friends and sundry. A selfish character to the core, he does anything for his own benefit. The heroine (Sara Sharma) has a similar attitude coupled with an arrogant behaviour. What will happen when the two meet? The story takes interesting turns taking the viewers to Bangkok beside various locations in the twin cities. “Fifty per cent of the movie was shot in Bangkok and the rest in Hyderabad. Besides these places, we shot one song in Munnar in Kerala,” said Harikrishna. The audio launched on March 6 by actors Sunil and Nani in the presence of filmmakers V.V. Vinayak, Meher Ramesh and other luminaries, is a hit with the young music lovers, he adds.

The star cast includes Ali, Ashish Vidyardhi, Kasi Viswanath, Raghubabu and L.S. Subhashini.

Though it is a maiden venture for producer Abhinav Reddy, he has already in the show biz, running Media Dreams Graphic Studios. He plans to release the movie in the last week of March.

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Cast:Nikhil, Sara Sharma, Priyadarshini


Music:‘Mantra' Anand

Banner:Style Entertainments