T he huge private house lent for film shoots near Gandipet area was gorgeously done up (art director: Krishna Maya) as visualised by debut director Ramvenky in his screenplay (story, dialogue: Raghava T) to shoot a betrothal sequence for producer K. Suresh Babu's maiden venture, Nakoo O Loverundi. The portly Krishna Sastry (Krishnudu) accompanies his purohit father (M.S. Narayana) to conduct the celebration.

The ‘healthy' youngster is worried that none of the girls fall in love with him. But that day was different. As the camera zooms around the groups of friends and relatives that gathered to bless the young couple, Krishnudu glances around and the glance turns into gaze as he spots a beautiful young woman, Neelima (Rithika), clad in a sari and sporting a bewitching smile. The camera freezes for a moment on her as she also looks at the most eligible bachelor in town before the camera returns to a dazed Krishnudu. The director orders ‘cut' and briefs the actors for the next block in the scene.

Ramvenky says, “It is love at first sight for our hero and from here, the story is a roller coaster ride of laughter.” Hailing from a farmer's family in Srikakulam, a postgraduate in political science, Ramvenky is armed with a diploma in film direction and has worked as an assistant to K. Raghavendra Rao for a number of films. He also worked with K. Viswanath before venturing independently.

The unit plans to complete the talkie part and a song in a single schedule in Hyderabad before leaving for Bangkok to film four songs (written by Bhaskarabhatla and Peddada Murthy). “An item song, Kaavalante Isthale (lyric: Lakshmi Bhoopal) will be shot in a set on Reshmi, a Mumbai-based model and actor,” says Ram. He also canned the hero's house scenes at a guest house in Shamshabad.

Hema plays the part of his doting step mother and (Master) Bharath is cast as his brother. “Earlier we filmed an action scene on Krishnudu and Suresh and his gang of rowdies. Krishnudu's clever antics to get over the goons is sure to create ripples of laughter. Rithika hails from Mumbai and has done modelling. She is a quick learner and a natural performer. Ali is cast as a don of sorts who kills his opponents without bloodshed taking a cue from the villain in the silent film Pushpakavimanam. K.M. Radhakrishnan's tunes are a major asset to this wholesome entertainer,” says Ramvenky.

The unit reassembled after the tea break and the shoot commenced with a gleaming Krishnudu exclaiming, Nakoo O Loverundi while Rithika looks at him coyly. The hilarious love story is slated for release in the third week of May.

m.l. narasimham

NAKOO O LOVERUNDI Cast: Krishnudu, Rithika, M.S. Narayana, Ali, Suresh, Hema Screenplay, direction: K. Ramvenky Music: K. M. Radhakrishnan Camera: S.D. John Banner: Sri Sivaparvathy Combines