chat Anchor Pradeep has carved a niche on the small screen with his trademark fun and style

It’s evening and as you switch on the television, a game is on between two groups of mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law. As you grimace and reach for the remote, you are surprised watching the scenes on the screen. It is not like your regular soap which depicts the power struggle of atta kodallu .

There is fun all around as anchor Pradeep zooms on the sets of Gadasari Atta Sogasari Kodalu on Zee Telugu with his trademark infectious energy.

Women dance to the beats of Dhadak dhadak from Dookudu and Pradeep tries to imitate them with his dance moves. In the next round, when the women get ready to play cricket, Pradeep jokes: “If you hit me with that sponge ball, you will get 10 runs.”

In a green tee and denims, Pradeep walks in for the interview with his shades on. “I never expected such popularity for the show. We have covered around 100 villages with a 30-member crew and wherever we went, the hospitality was amazing,” he says.

Huge gamble

Gadasari Atta … is a huge gamble which paid off for Pradeep. “Women’s game shows are hosted by women like Suma, Roja and Jhansi. I was a little apprehensive when I got the offer but I have always believed in being a shepherd and leading a group. So I took it up as a challenge,” he says.

An engineering graduate from Vignan Institute of Technology, Pradeep began his career as an event promoter. “I had to visit happening places in the city and promote a product and was given Rs. 150 for it,” he recalls.

His effervescence made him a RJ. “I even did a Live show between 1 a.m. to 4 a.m.,” he says with pride. He switched media when he got an offer in Local TV to host a dance show. He took up the offer and has never looked back. “I am always grateful towards my parents who didn’t force me to take up a regular job. My father would just say ‘Enjoy whatever you are doing.”

Besides Gadasari …, Pradeep hosts Narthanasala (season 2) on E TV and has anchored shows like Dammu (Maa TV), Adurs (ETV) and Comedy Club and Nene No.1 on Zee Telugu and has a Nandi award in his kitty for being the best TV anchor in 2010.

Considering that he has acted in very small roles in movies like Manorama, Varudu, 100% Love and Julayi , does he garner any movie dreams?

“I like to entertain people. It could be any media. On TV, I have created my own brand. I am seen on television everyday and I don’t want to lose this attention. In movies, your fate is sealed in three hours. Having said that, I don’t know what I will be in five years as I don’t want to leave any craft. I might be an actor, writer or a director. I want to start a production house which has a team of actors, producers and technicians where every one is given an opportunity,” he says.

neeraja murthy