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interview Tom Cruise on his rocking screen partnership with Cameron Diaz and the making of Knight and Day

A decade after the dark romance of Cameron Crowe's Vanilla Sky, Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz have finally found the chance to re-team for Knight and Day.

In a season filled with considerable firepower, this global action romp directed by James Mangold more than delivers the goods. Not only does it represent some of their best works, it's a classic example on the power of chemistry. And, it may just usher Cruise and Cameron into the pantheon of great Hollywood movie couples. In this action comedy, Tom Cruise plays Roy Miller, a covert agent who accidentally bumps into Diaz, and eventually gets her to become his partner — in every way. Here Tom talks about the movie and teaming up with Cameron again.

How would you describe this film?

I think Knight and Day is an update of those wonderful, Hollywood cinematic confections — a movie full of travel, glamour, humour, love and adventure — but with modern characters and dynamic, intense action.

Is this another spy movie?

I wouldn't say so. We were very aware of the legacy and iconography of spy movies — the Bond pictures, the Bourne pictures, the Mission: Impossible pictures — and we were always looking at how we could upend that and find new ways to approach it. In Knight and Day we set out to create a world that feels completely real, yet is also deeply comic.

What got you excited about doing this film?

I couldn't wait to make this movie. Knight and Day sweeps you into this grand adventure and love story — and we did everything we could to make it non-stop, unpredictable fun. I think Jim [Mangold] is a terrific storyteller, and I really wanted to work with him and Cameron on this.

Everyone's pretty excited about your chemistry with Cameron…

From the time Roy meets June, there are these sparks, and there's a thrill in watching two very different characters going through all these dangerous situations together. Cameron has this amazing ability of mixing physical comedy with romance.

How was it working with James Mangold?

I've wanted to work with Jim since I saw Walk the Line. I found Jim to have a very keen eye for suspense, a great understanding of romance, and also to be extremely funny. He was everything you hope for in a director when you're crashing planes, leaping rooftops and running from bulls.

Both Cameron and you have done your own stunts in this film.

I love doing my own stunts. It's so much fun. And it always looks much more genuine on screen than having a body double. We've done some really amazing action for this film, especially the bike chase with bulls in Seville. It was risky, but very thrilling!

Let's talk about the love story in K&D…

I think Roy and June's story is something audiences will relate to. Every couple has a story about how they met — it's just that Roy and June have a truly extraordinary tale behind the start of their relationship. They have the same dilemmas everyone always has in love, but Roy and June's comes with higher stakes.

We know much about your relationship with Katie. Tell us more about how it is with daughter Suri…

It's come full circle. Now I'll put Suri on a swing and tell her stories when I'm working on a script. I'll start with the beginning of the movie and take her through the story step by step. Of course, I make it age-appropriate. She's four years old. But she asks all the right questions.

At this level of success, do you think you've achieved almost everything you'd wished for in life?

Everybody has their dreams in life. Mine was to see the world, meet a lot of people. I am very happy I've got the chance to live my dream. And I love movies, I love entertaining people. So yes, I am quite happy with where I am in life right now.



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