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joseph gordon-Levitt and Paul Dano in a scene from the action thriller Looper .
joseph gordon-Levitt and Paul Dano in a scene from the action thriller Looper .

Time travel is a great staple of science fiction books and movies from H. G. Wells The Time Machine (that started it all in 1895) to personal favourite Back to the Future . Then there is also time travel in the Terminator movies. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who plays the lead in Looper said the movie is not about time travel but rather about you would tell your future self if you could meet them. Nothing much apparently because you would be busy killing them.

Okay time for some plot exposition. So it is 2044 (we made it past 2012!!!) and economic collapse in the United States has caused severe law and order issues. Thirty years later, time travel is invented and immediately outlawed. The anti-social elements however use it to kill people. They send the targets to the past to be killed by loopers who dispose the body in the past—how is that for a perfect crime?

The looper’s contract is ended when he is called upon to kill his future self—the process is called closing the loop. Joe works for the mafia as a looper and goes about his day killing people and doing drugs and spending time with a showgirl. Everything changes when his future self is sent back to be killed. The movie then shifts to chase mode with the bad guys, the probably good guys, a single mum and a scary telekinetic child hunting each other down.

Bruce Willis plays a muted older Joe while Gordon-Levitt makes for a likeable Joe. Emily Blunt is the feisty single mum and Jeff Daniels plays Abe who runs the Loopers. The movie takes itself rather seriously and all that voiceover is kind of tiresome. The carving of messages on the hand seems like a rather painful form of texting but provokes the only funny line in the movie, said by Bruce Willis (naturally) in trademark wry style.

The young Joe carves Beatrice on his hand to tell the older Joe to meet at this café where there is a waitress called Beatrice. The older Joe mutters, “there is another waitress, Jen—it is a shorter name.” Wish there were more of those moments!

mini anthikad chibber


Genre:Sci fi

Director:Rian Johnson

Starring:Bruce Willis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Emily Blunt

Story:An assassin and his future self hunt each other in an attempt to change history

Bottomline:Fun if you can sit through the long-winded expositions



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