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sudhish kamath
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twice as bad Bhoot Returns
twice as bad Bhoot Returns

Bhoot Returns


Director:Ram Gopal Varma

Cast:J.D. Chakravarthy, Manisha Koirala, Madhu Shalini, Alayana Sharma

Storyline:A family begins to freak out when the little girl in the house talks about her (imaginary) friend Shabbu.

Ups:Length. Less than 90 minutes. And pretty Madhu Shalini is an interesting find. Good to note that Manisha Koirala has found employment again. She surely deserved a better outing though.

Downs:3D that might actually make you go blind. If the horror does not scare you, this ought to. Bhoot Returns has the worst employment of 3D in the history of 3D cinema (and I like 3D). RGV does not even make an attempt to explain who the ghost is, what it wants or why it is happy creeping out people instead of getting down to killing them. Even the filmmaking is lazy this time around. The camera sits and watches characters walk around the house in long takes as nothing happens except the background score that cries wolf a little too often. Considering that the film is some 80-odd minutes, this is one of those single-location camera familiarisation exercises. The kind of film that an out-of-form RGV can shoot in his sleep, overnight. And probably did.

Bottomline:If only Bhoot Returns your ticket money.

sudhish kamath



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