The director had a very nice plot on hand, it is about how three friends move up and slide down in life and how it is compared to the snakes and ladders game. It has an interesting character sketch, convincing performances but a confusing screenplay and disjointed episodes makes it fall short of being an engaging movie; it however has a touching climax wherein Krishnudu appears and expresses his gratitude to his pal.

Ajay (Kranti), Krishnudu (Chandu) and Ranadhir (Michael) go through conflicting situations simultaneously yet they move on with life until a time arrives when each of their character takes a turn.

The director portrays that there is goodness in every negative act and there is a certain amount of temptation, evil that changes with circumstances in every good human being. Chandu who dotes on his sick mother burgles an ATM in connivance with Michael, a self centred ambitious man, as they both need money for different needs.

Kranti is a journalist who prefers the gun instead of the pen to settle scores with a corrupt society. There is another tiny parallel plot of Rajiv Kanakala and Satya Krishnan who enthuse life into the proceedings. Unlike other mindless entertainment this one is fresh, could have been far better if the director had spent more time on the script and narrative. Despite the amateurish handling the actors impress with their honest portrayals. Ajay surprises in a restrained role, Tashu Kaushik has a nice part, the romantic number could have been done away with, Krishnudu is natural and Ranadhir was brilliant.

Satya Krishnan is back to her original self, looks sweet and perfect and Rajiv Kanakala like always is impressive.

If you are looking for a decent straight film in Telugu this week, thenVaikuntapaliit is, provided you ignore the structure and narrative.

y.s. c.


Cast:Ajay, Krishnudu, Ranadhir

Direction:Anil Gopireddy

Plot:Ambition and limits of loyalty within friends

Genre:Social Drama

Bottomline:Few ladders and many snakes