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Vidya Sinha
Vidya Sinha

Vidya Sinha, yesteryear actress, has made a come back to Bollywood milieu after a hiatus of nearly two decades, though this time as a teacher. In an interview, she talks about teaching at the new Indian Academy of Dramatic Arts (IADA) in New Delhi, floated by model and actor Pradeep Kharb.

What made you decide to impart acting lessons in IADA?

I have known Pradeep for a long time now. I know he is hard-working and passionate about his work. Besides, with talent and passion, you need a platform to make your mark in this industry. One needs proper guidance, and IADA is meant to do just that. There is no dearth of talent in our country in any field. But most of them do not get the proper platform, where they can showcase their talent. IADA will provide its students with the appropriate platform so that their talent does not waste.

Do you think that the quality of movies acting and music is degrading now?

Well, it's invidious to compare things of two different eras. There are brilliant movies being made even now. And besides, nowadays kids dance extremely well. They do their stunts on their own. Even if the quality of acting has gone down, it is being compensated by various other things that keep the audience enticed. And ultimately, we act for the people.

To an actor, what do you thing is more important — critical acclaim or commercial success?

It depends from person to person. Some work for money and some for the people, for the critics. Personally, I never thought about commercial success.

Every actress has a dream role. For you, what was that coveted one?

For me, it has to be the role of Anarkali that was beautifully played by Madhubala.

dhairya maheshwari

I never thought about commercial success.



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