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interview For a change, Jennifer Aniston gets personal. The actor reveals all about happiness and more as her film Just Go With It is set for release

who said she's not happy Jennifer Aniston
who said she's not happy Jennifer Aniston

A s Just Go With It gets ready to hit the cinemas (April 8), its lead actor Jennifer Aniston opens up on a host of topics — from the making of the film and her co-star Adam Sandler to her fitness regimen and love for Mexican food. Excerpts:

You've known Adam Sandler for 20 years or so. What was it like working with him for the first time?

We laughed almost more than we should have. We were barely able to get anything on film. We were shocked a movie was actually made!

You have great chemistry with him. Is he a prankster on the set?

I've known him so long. He's just a funny guy, a family guy. We just have fun. It's an environment you just can't wait to walk into everyday.

That's unfortunate! You were on the cover of People magazine recently. It's supposed to be the most revealing interview of yours ever…

I don't really know. I think I revealed that I like pizza.

It's got to be tough that people always want to know intimate details about your life. Do you ever get to the point that you can shut the door to that?

You always hope to reach that mental goal. It's something that's always there for people in this business. You just got to make peace with it or you'll be driven insane.

When you were asked in a recent interview what the biggest misconception about you is, you said it's the fact that you are not happy. Why do people think you're not happy?

I don't know. It's the narrative I've been blessed with. It's what I'm stuck with. At a certain point you've got to stop listening to it or try to set the record straight and just say I'm a happy, content human being. My life is in a very good place at this moment. It's the soap opera, it's the storyline. It sells magazines.

It seems like you find part of that peace with your girlfriends…

It's so important. I've been fortunate that they've been in my life as many years as they have. We've grown up together. They keep it real because it's all so unreal.

When you're at home in LA not doing work, where do you like to go out with your girlfriends?

We don't go to bars anymore. Those were the days. We love to get Mexican food. We had this tradition where every Tuesday night we'd go to this Mexican restaurant where we'd get nachos and delicious margaritas. Or we'd go to my house which is really where we love to be.

You look phenomenal in Just Go With It. What was your fitness routine?

I've been really consistent. I started doing yoga with my girlfriend Mandy. I just do something everyday and mix it up a bit.



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