Fit as a fiddle

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chat In a 24-hour day, 45 minutes for exerciseshould come easy, saysMandira Bedi

Mandira Bedi is many things to many people — actor, television presenter, sports commentator, daughter, wife and now mother to baby Vir. Known for her fit frame and vivacious personality, having won a stunt show on television, she is considered an epitome of fitness.

“Being fit is a very important part of my life. Post the birth of my baby, I had set a deadline for losing weight, and I managed to shed 22 kilograms in just six months. I don’t exercise to look good or for cosmetic reasons, but to remain strong. It’s a happy space for me,” says Mandira who follows a strict workout schedule and diet plan.

Mandira says she does not consult a nutritionist. “On Mondays I fast. For breakfast, I prefer having fruits, milk, porridge, eggs and, sometimes, an egg-white omelette. Evenings, I munch on healthy foods such as corn, sprouts and soya. For lunch and dinner, I have dal, roti and subzi , which is sufficient to keep anyone healthy.”

Three months after giving birth to Vir, Mandira resumed her original fitness schedule. She adopted a six-day plan involving power yoga, walking, running and other forms of exercise. “To lose weight, one should do more than what your body is used to,” adds Mandira.

Adhering to the rules of a fixed diet plan is not easy for her as she lapses into occasional binges. “I am a vegetarian and healthy eater. I avoid desserts. They only add oodles of weight. Don’t starve. Eat at regular intervals. A biscuit, sandwich or fruit is a good option. Work towards becoming stronger, healthier and fitter.”




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