What it is about…

The audio of Etho Seithai Ennai , produced by 1017 AD Cinemas and presented by Aadhi Sakthi, was released by actor Karthi and received by cameraman Priyan. Etho Seithai… is a love story with Sakthi and Liya in the lead. Anand, Anandbabu, John Vijay, Ilavarasu, Srinath, Saiprasanth, Siva Sreelatha, Devipriya and Mahanadhi Shankar play the other important roles. The camera is handled by M. Ezhilarasan. Ganesh Kumar has scored the music. V. Muthulakshmi is the editor. The story, screenplay, dialogue and direction are by J. Elvin Bosser.

Music Highlights

The songs in this album do not follow the traditional pallavi, anu pallavi and charanam format. Instead, they are a mix of western music styles and forms such as salsa, reggae, a cappella, avant garde and ballad. All the songs have a carefully crafted vocal backing. ‘Oh my love', written by Divakar is sung by Shalini Singh (pop) and Santhosh. The duet celebrates the triumph of love. This Spanish dance style number juxtaposes voices with acoustic guitar phrases. Divakar has also written ‘Muzhu Nilavu Ondru' which is sung a cappella by Abilash and is about love at first sight. The same lyricist has penned ‘Kadhil Mattum Inbama.' Sung by Krish and Shekinah Shawn, this could be described as an experiment, both lyrically and musically. The song is interspersed with dialogues. ‘Pogamal Oru Naalum,' sung by Vijay Narain, Sruti, Smruti and Shrik, and written by Mugil, has a reggae feel. The campus song has an English chorus by Georgina. The last is a peppy English song, ‘Fallen in Love,' written by Georgina and sung by Tara Kumaravelu.