Breakin’ my heart!

Swati Deekshit is doing a movie titled Break Up . Ask her if she had dated someone and had gone through the usual pangs of break up, she comes up with an interesting account of her first crush in college. “I was totally besotted by my math teacher in college and had all eyes for him when he would teach but in the second year I was absent most of the time due to the reality shows I was working in. When I won the title he called me and congratulated me and I couldn’t believe it. He never would glance at me and here he was actually speaking to me. My happiness was short lived as the next week he called again and said he was getting married. It wasn’t a break up actually but a heart break,” laughs Swati, who’s working in the Bengali version of Kottha Bangaru Lokam .

‘Tenth Class’ girl is back

Saranya’s debut film was Premiste (Kaadhal ) in Telugu, Balaji Shaktivel introduced her as the heroine’s friend and immediately after that she made her debut as a heroine in director Chandu’s Tenth Class . She has now signed a Telugu film Prema Oka Maikam , ask her where she was all these years? The Telugu born and Chennai raised actor says, “I’m coming to Hyderabad after a gap of eight years. When I worked in Tenth Class I was raw, now I am ready to do any role. Chandu spotted me on Face Book and offered me a role. I was in the tenth standard when I did Tenth Class and I after that completed my studies, in the process I lost out on all contacts in Hyderabad. However, I’m busy with five movies in Tamil right now.”

Once bitten…

Hariprriya (yes, she spells her name with double ‘r’) made most of the ‘bandh’ time catching up with friends. The actor who made her debut in Thakita Thakita rues that after her second film Pilla Zamindar , she did not sign any news movies as her scenes in the film were unceremoniously chopped. “I was hurt, since I had worked so hard. I then decided to sign a film next only if my character is strong and the script is very good,” she adds. Her current film is with Varun Sandesh and she seems very happy with her decision.

Good line up

Manoj Nandan has heard over 25 stories after the release of Sunil Kumar Reddy’s Oka Romantic Crime Katha and he chose three stories out of them — Vinuravema, Full Guarantee and Chinababu . He defends Oka Romantic Crime Katha and says he is aware of the criticism surrounding it; It is an issue and controversies are bound to happen. Chinababu is a family entertainer, Vinuravema is about engineering students and Full Guarantee is based in a village and Manoj is not going to do an issue based film in the near future, wholesome commercial entertainers is what he is aiming for. Currently he awaits the release of Bullipettelo Boochadu . A phone comedy he says, “These days youngsters don’t read newspapers, or see their parents the first thing in the morning. They reach for the phones. In the college too they are constantly messaging while the lecture is on. The film isall about these incidents. Bullipetto Lo Boochadu ’s tagline is ‘what the phone’. The title reminds us the famous old Sridevi number Boochadamma Boochadu Bullipettelo Unnadu .

y. sunita chowdhary