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Enjoyable evening

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When faced with the world's biggest award ceremony most people would crumble, but Sandra Bullock had a ball. The Blind Side beauty and now Oscar winner, 45, felt more relaxed inside the big ceremony than she ever thought she would, despite all the award pressure she was under. “When you get in the room you are surrounded by your colleagues, peers and people you have worked with for 15 years so that helps you be calm and just enjoy the process. It is a different and wonderful vibe and one that's actually enjoyable,” she says. “In competitions — which I don't like very much — there is a tendency for everyone on the outside to pit one against the other because it makes it more spicy, and actually when you get in there everyone is just happy to be with everybody else. We don't want a battle.” And on her Oscar win, she added: "More than anything I think they're all just bored of me turning up so they're hoping now I have the award I won't be back! But I like it here. It's a fun night out. And I don't get out much!"



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