Dialogue is the bait

y. sunita chowdhary
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search for meaningSundeep Kishan, Dimple Chopade in the film
search for meaningSundeep Kishan, Dimple Chopade in the film

Our audience is getting immune to adult humour in regular doses, some day we will have a Grand Masti of our own. When people laugh loudly at offensive, crude lines and term it harmless you know Telugu cinema is changing, and changing for the worse. The theatre might register good box office openings for such a genre but such strategies to draw public will not work in the long run as the law of diminishing marginal utility will take over. When you leave the cinema hall after watching Mahesh , what you remember is not the story but montage shots of a cricket ball hitting a man’s crotch, he writhing in pain and his wife’s barbs on his worthlessness. If one were to cull the dialogues in the entire film, it would surely be a painful exercise. It’s indeed surprising to note that people bought the dubbing rights of a film that hasn’t worked in the original. Yaruda Mahesh literally translated means Where Is Mahesh? The title itself is unappealing as it doesn’t have a prefix or a suffix.

The story has two youth, Shiva (Sundeep) and Vasanth (Jagan), whose only aim is to while away time, the former is so irresponsible that he doesn’t know which subject he’d attempt at the examination hall. The heroine Sandhya (Dimple) who stands first in college and has applied for scholarship in a US university abhors him, then falls in love with him, gets into a relationship and the couple turn parents in the next scene. While the wife goes to work, the husband baby sits and sleeps. One fine day he overhears his wife talking to someone named Mahesh on the phone that vaguely suggests that she had successfully taken Shiva for a ride and that Shiva is not the father. Shiva gets a shock of his life and makes it a mission to find who this anonymous caller Mahesh is. The search is weaved with humorous episodes and this humour is laced with you know what. After a couple of scenes the sexual references on your face gets repulsive, this is what draws the people to the film and also puts them off. Sundeep could have worked more on being emotional towards the end and Dimple who is pretty and has a strong screen presence runs a risk of being stereotyped. She should pick good films instead of adult comedy for a strong career. While Jagan shows a spark, the film disappoints technically.

y. sunita chowdhary


Cast:Sundeep Kishan, Dimple Chopade

Direction:R Madan Kumar

Music:Gopi Sunder

Plot:A lazy youth who refuses to be reformed is rudely awakened

Bottomline:Plus and also minus point is dialogue



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