Daring the ghosts

(g)host fare Anchors Rocky Singh and Mayur Sharma  

televisionA new series promises to bring real haunted stories to your living room

When it comes to ghost hunting, there are the believers and there are the doubters. NDTV Good Times launched a new show, India's Most Haunted, a nationwide trail, bringing to light the reality behind the country's most haunted places. Anchored by the popular duo Rocky and Mayur (of Highway on my Platefame) India's Most Hauntedis an excursion into the unexplained and the paranormal. The show had its first telecast on the Friday the 13th May, considered spooky by many.

The show is all about unveiling the supernatural edge of India with its numerous archaic ideologies and customs as well as the consequences of this combined belief system on the individual psyche. Armed with 21st Century equipment and persistence to discover the certainty behind the local folklores, curses and haunting, the show will be led by the experienced ‘ghost-hunter' Rocky, co-anchor Mayur, a tantrik and a renowned psychologist. Rocky and Mayur will go beyond the bounds of normal supernatural investigative procedure. The duo with their brace tricks will tease ghosts and invoke the dead to elicit some hard-core action.

Elucidating on the show, Smeeta Chakrabarti, Chief Executive Officer, NDTV Good Times remarked, “Everyone loves a good ghost story and everybody has one to tell. When we decided to go ahead with the show, there was a huge response from people wanting Rocky and Mayur to tell their ‘haunted' story. India has so many fabulous haunted havelis and hill stations waiting to be showcased. NDTV Good Times is thrilled that Rocky and Mayur are bringing their unique approach to this genre.”

“I am thrilled to be a part of this show. It is dedicated to every person who would like to understand the sphere of paranormal phenomena. We hope to find answers to things that are logically contradictory but perhaps manifest subjectively”, said the anchor Rocky Singh. Co-anchor Mayur Sharma added, “In our initial research, we have found some extraordinary tales from various parts of the country, tales which have not only caused fear but also affected lives of residents in the areas. Through this show, we hope to uncover the dark secrets hidden in India's most haunted places.” The series airs every Friday at 10 pm.

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