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chat Lisa Ray is back and talks about her new role on television

S he is considered one of the most beautiful women in the world, full of grace and courage. Lisa Ray has essayed diverse roles in numerous films. In the Capital to launch Centrix, the latest collection of luxury watches from the leading Swiss watchmaker Rado, the model-turned -actress talks about her career and life after battling cancer.

You began modelling at the age of 16 and then returned to Canada to pursue journalism, which did not materialise. Do you have any regrets as far as your education is concerned?

No, not at all. I do not live with regrets and in life one should never have regrets. I am writing a lot these days. So in a way it has fulfilled my wish of being a journalist.

From music videos to Tamil, Bollywood and international films, your career has been characterised by variety. Was this attempt deliberate?

Yes, it was a deliberate attempt. I wanted to experiment with as many different kinds of roles as possible. Hence, I have had variety to my credit as far as my acting career is concerned.

In your blog you have written extensively about your personal life. Being a public figure, has it ever been difficult for you to come into the open about personal matters ?

It was not difficult. In fact it was a relief for me. I felt blogging was the best way to come out into the open. Especially in Canada, I never faced any difficulty. Blogging about my personal life and my experiences helped me to be transparent.

You have been a part of the documentary 1 A Minute, along with other celebrities, which focuses on cancer and its awareness among people. Do you think it is easier to create awareness among people if celebrities are involved?

Firstly, I do not consider myself to be a “celebrity.” But nevertheless, I feel celebrities being part of such ventures definitely helps. I really applaud Namrata (director of the documentary) for her efforts. Films like these help us share our experiences and also provide a better way to communicate our motives.

Could elaborate on your future projects.

I am working with Discovery Channel on a show and also writing a book. Besides that, I am raising awareness about stem cell therapy which has often been misunderstood. I have undergone the therapy and I want to share my experiences with people. I have received some interesting offers as far as films are concerned. But I have a life in Canada as well and I have to balance both. My brush with cancer has taught me how to balance relationships.

poulami mukherjee



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