1. Which 1989 film based on the autobiography of Vietnam veteran Ron Kovic won Oliver Stone a Best Director Oscar?

2. In which Shyam Benegal film did Naseeruddin Shah make his debut in 1975?

3. How does one better know Krishna Bhanji?

4. Which film festival was founded by Jane Rosenthal and Robert De Niro?

5. Expand DTS as used in the multi-channel surround sound format.

6. With which actor-director would one associate Ammu Productions?

7. Who launched the ‘Anaithinthiya Latchiya Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam’ in the early 2000s?

8. Who essayed the role of the eminent photographer Margaret Bourke-White in Sir Richard Attenborough’s Gandhi?

9. Which film on a sporting rivalry had the working title Running?

10. For which film did Ajay Devgan win his first National award?


1. Born on the Fourth of July.

2. Nishant.

3. Ben Kingsley.

4. Tribeca Film Festival.

5. Digital Theater System.

6. K. Bhagyaraj.

7. Vijaya T. Rajendar or TR.

8. Candice Bergen.

9. Chariots of Fire.

10. Zakhm.